Friday, December 3, 2010

Starting the Weekend with Elaine's

Happy weekend, everybody.  I hope you've got fun plans for this weekend, because I don't expect to be doing anything but grading your papers...and maybe blogging now and then.  This weekend is your LAST chance to post comments on the blog for extra credit.  Of course, your comment must be at least a paragraph with good spelling and grammar for you to get extra credit.

Just read a newspaper article about a woman named Elaine Kaufman, who died today at 81 after owning and running a famous restaurant for decades.  Located on Second Avenue on the Upper East Side, her restaurant became one of the trendiest places for big stars to visit.  Billy Joel mentioned the restaurant in one of his songs, Woody Allen filmed a scene from his great movie Manhattan inside, and hundreds of celebrities ate at Elaine's, whether for lunch, dinner, or a late night snack.

Elaine was quite the character.  She refused to serve hamburgers in her bar, and she once slapped a customer after he and a friend only bought one drink between them.  But she made tons of famous friends at her restaurant, and this fulfilled her more than anything else.  In fact, here's a quote from Elaine:
“I’ve lived just about the most perfect life,” Ms. Kaufman said in 1998. “I’ve had the best time. If I wanted to do something, I did it. Designers designed my clothes and did my apartment. I had house seats for the theater. I was invited to screenings and book parties. I’ve had fun. What else can you ask in life?”
What else can you ask in life?  Do you think Elaine Kaufman lived the perfect life, like she said?  Would you want to live a life like hers, brushing shoulders with celebrities?  Or would your perfect life look different?  What would the perfect life be like for you?

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