Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Upcoming Eighth Grade Test

Eighth graders, you've got a test this week.  802's test is Wednesday, 803 and 804 have tests on Thursday, and 801's test is Friday.  Here are the words you need to know and questions you need to answer, just in case you don't have the test information paper I handed out yesterday.

You will need to know these 10 terms and be able to use each of them in a good sentence:
1. Corporation
2. Merger
3. Monopoly
4. Trust
5. Sherman Antitrust Act
6. Gilded Age
7. Captain of industry
8. Robber baron
9. Progressive Movement
10. Reform

You will also need to answer two short answer questions. The questions will be chosen from this list:
1. Choose either Andrew Carnegie or John D. Rockefeller. Describe the businessman, including reasons why he is admirable AND reasons why he should NOT be admired.
2. Describe how monopolies and trusts work. Explain why monopolies and trusts are unfair to consumers (the people who buy a product).
3. Why did so many people die in the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory? What were the effects of the fire?
4. Choose one Progressive Era reformer. Describe the PROBLEMS he/she wanted to change, the ACTIONS he/she took to reform America, and the EFFECTS of his/her work on America.

If you have questions, you can e-mail me today or meet with me tomorrow after school.  Good luck!


  1. Are we getting a test any times soon?-Jaileen <3

  2. the answer for three at the triangle shirtwaist factory many people died because all the doors were shut and to get it you got to get out from the exit.also they were in a really high floor so that was a big risk to jump out the window. the elevators worked at a point but then it broke down. they also needed firescapes but they got rotting because the fire. lastly the effect was the causes of the damages they payed alot of money for the damages. - sonia cerdeno 803