Friday, December 16, 2016

Homework Due Monday 12/19

Hi my dear students!

Thank you all for your helpful feedback about this week's activities. Based on your suggestions, we will spend a day making sure we understand the basics of colonies and their relationship to their mother countries. Then we'll study more about everyday life for colonial Americans.

Your homework for the weekend is to explore the Colonial House website, which will teach you about everyday life in America in the 1600s.

Based on the website (again, here is the link) you must submit two written assignments:
1. As you explore, take notes on what you learn. You must take notes that fill up at least one side of a looseleaf paper. The notes can be a bulleted list or in whatever format you wish.
2. After you explore, write a paragraph about your exploration. Describe what parts of the website you visited, what you learned, and your reactions to the site.

Please remind your classmates who might have forgotten about this assignment that they should check the blog.

Looking forward to seeing you Monday!

Mr. Toomajian

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