Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back from a city that is not as cool as ours

Hey everyone, looking forward to starting a new and brief week with you tomorrow!  I'm on the bus back from Boston to NYC.  We're about to turn onto 42nd Street now, so we're nearly home and I must be quick.  I had a great weekend catching up with friends who went to Boston for the Harvard-Yale football game.  Who won The Game, you ask?  Well, that's a very good question!  Thank you for asking!  Troy High beat New Rochelle last night and they'll be going to the state high school football finals!  Wait, that's not the game you were asking about?  Listen, it's not that important who won the Harvard-Yale game, because we all know that Yale's way better regardless.  But if you must know, click on this link.

Topics for the week ahead...
Grade 7: Studying primary sources from Plymouth Colony and the First Thanksgiving
Grade 8: Reviewing Reconstruction political cartoons and examining the birth of the Ku Klux Klan

Finally, are you Call of Duty fans kidding me?  Not a single person has reviewed that game on the blog...and I know that several of you have already beaten it.  Take five minutes to tell us what you thought.  Please!


  1. hey mr.toomajian i just wanted to say sorry. i have been busy over the last couple of days. playing black ops. the story mode is very cool and sad. i lost like 5 of my friends in the battle. they were people who saved me when i needed help but i couldnt give it to them. its sad how i lost them in the battle. the story mode has to do with the cold war and the project nova 6. nova 6 had to do with the halacaust. hitler wanted to eliminate all the jews with this poisionous gas called nova 6. it was very dangerous. thank you for inviting me to share on your blog. i would like to comment more on different topics.

  2. hey i dont have it yet but a friend lend it to me. to me i think they dont show the sense of war as much in real life.first of all to many people die and your commrades who die of a high rank everyone is depressed about it what about those privates and codets out there.also there is alot more terms of the military and some guns are not fake but mispelled.but other than that i look foward to playing it in the future.


  3. Mr.Toomajian i heard that this game is very good! :) - Jaileen