Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Day Draws Nigh

Hi everybody, it's been a few days since I've posted.  Hope you have a great day off tomorrow--and I hope most of all that you'll go with your parents to the polls tomorrow.  Candidates are running for some important political offices: the New York governor, attorney general, and comptroller are all up for grabs tomorrow.  Every member of the House of Representatives stands for election tomorrow, as do both of New York's senators.  At the state level, people are running for state senate and state assembly.

The biggest question during this election is how much control the Democrats will lose.  In 2008, Democrats won a huge amount of seats in Congress, along with Barack Obama's election to the presidency.  Two years later, the economy is still recovering and many Americans are dissatisfied with the Democrats' leadership.  Republicans will definitely win more seats in Congress--the question is how many they will win.

This is called a midterm election because it comes in the middle of President Obama's presidential term.  Obama has been out on the campaign trail, trying to persuade people to vote for Democrats.  He says that he has accomplished a great deal: health coverage for more Americans, an end to combat in Iraq, an extension of tax cuts for most Americans (but not the rich).  Republicans say that Obama's health care plan could bankrupt the country, that taxes are too high, and that Obama's liberal beliefs will weaken America.

Last week, Obama chose an untraditional way to send a message: he appeared on the popular Comedy Central show The Daily Show.  If you want to see what he had to say to comedian/talk host Jon Stewart about America, have a look here.

What do you think?  Has Obama accomplished what he set out to do?  Do the Democrats deserve to control the national government?  Would the Republicans do a better job?  Why?

AND do you have any questions about the election?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Yes,I think Obama accomplished some things not all things.Well Yes the Democrates do deserve to to control the national goverment because they are doing the hardest to control it and to make it better. No the republics wont do good because when they work they are going to work for them not for us. They are not going to give us no good.- Jaileen :)