Friday, October 29, 2010

CCAA Scavenger Hunt: Let the Photos Begin...

This trip was hoppin'.  That's slang for "good," right?  Anyway, here's a grasshopper on the railing at the Dyckman Farmhouse.  Credit: Kei, 802

City on a hill: From the corner of 139th and Edgecombe, here's Shepard Hall, the iconic building at The City College of New York.  Credit: Kei, 802

The site of the Black Horse Inn...yes, you found it!  Credit: Carlos, 801

Who went and played bingo after the scavenger hunt on Thursday night?  I hear Carlos got there at 6:30 to get a good seat.  Credit: Carlos, 801

The Inwood Hill Park baseball field: site of many races on Thursday morning...and a couple of slips and falls.  Sorry about your jeans, Luiggi, Adrianna, and Alex.  Credit: Carlos, 801

Near perfect shot of the downtown 1 train crossing the Broadway Bridge into Manhattan.  Beautiful stuff, Carlos.  Credit: Carlos, 801

At this store, your pumpkins come pre-carved.  Credit: Carlos, 801

Yeah, that's us.  Credit: Carlos, 801

In 1958, Martin Luther King Jr. visited this building, once a department store called Blumstein’s, during a tour of Harlem.  Inside, he was stabbed by an insane woman and had to be sent to Harlem Hospital for life-saving surgery.  He went on to live ten more years, giving his famous "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963.  Credit: Carlos, 801

Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., represented Harlem in Congress from 1945 to 1971.  He was the first person of African-American descent elected to Congress from New York.  He was also the pastor of the famous Abyssinian Baptist Church.  Credit: Carlos, 801

Harlem murals teach a lesson.  Credit: Carlos, 801

Strivers' Row: the fanciest, most famous residential block in Harlem.  At an angle.  Credit: Carlos, 801

From the right angle, a house on 204th Street looks like it's out in the countryside. 

The Abyssinian Baptist Church tower points towards Heaven, just like the architects planned it.  Best photo of the day.  Much credit to the photographer for Jose's and Rosanna's team.

Inwood's Henry Hudson Bridge.  One beautiful bridge that we can call our own.

Strivers' Row: that alley used to serve another purpose, it seems.


  1. I can see you guys had alot of fun.Some of the 8th graders came up to me saying "The trip was fun". Good Job Mr.Toomajian :) - Jaileen :)

  2. w0w Mr.toomagian the pictures are great i cant wait until we have another trip just like that one.since you still haven't made an album yet is it okay if you can at least put a picture of each group with everyone in it at least?