Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The future Capt. and Mrs. Kennedy!

Did you hear?  Captain Kennedy is getting married!  On Saturday, he hiked to the top of a mountain with his girlfriend, he asked her to marry him, and she said yes!

Jeff and Laura met in 2009, before Jeff went to Iraq for the second time.  While he was in Iraq, they kept in touch everyday by video chat.  That's the story behind the sort-of-goofy-but-mostly-awesome photograph above--it's a screen capture from one of their video chats.  Jeff was in his army uniform in Iraq, Laura was in Georgia, and yet they were able to keep their relationship going.  Laura's a great, friendly lady and a very smart, well-qualified pharmacist too--she graduated from Auburn University in Alabama with a pharmacy degree in May and she now works at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

They're getting married next July.  Jennifer of 802 asked if you all are invited to the wedding.  Um, well...if you can find a way to get to the South (the wedding's in North Carolina or Georgia), Jeff and Laura probably won't turn you away from the church service.


  1. Congratulutions, Captain Kennedy and Laura hope all your wishes come true. And may your hearts be filled of Joy- Jaileen

  2. Congrats Captain Hennedy have a fun living life with your wife!!