Monday, October 4, 2010

What the Mosque Would Look Like

As we've talked about the proposed mosque near Ground Zero, we've missed a few of the more interesting details.  In 802 today, Danny and George, among others, reminded me that the proposed building has very interesting architecture--both of them really liked it.  You can take a look at the picture and decide what you think for yourself.

According to Wikipedia, the mosque includes a "Muslim prayer space [which] is planned to occupy two floors of the 13 story building. Besides the prayer space, the Initiative's plan includes a 500-seat auditorium, theater, performing arts center, fitness center, swimming pool, basketball court, childcare services, art exhibitions, bookstore, culinary school, and a food court serving halal dishes."  So, that's what will be included in that massive building.

In addition, we never did talk about the name of the mosque and community center--and remember, it is a mosque and community center.  The mosque was originally named "Cordoba House," then renamed "Park51" after its location at 51 Park Place.  Why "Cordoba House"?  Cordoba, Spain, was a city that, in the 8th through 11th centuries, included large numbers of Jews, Muslims, and Christians.  According to scholars like Maria Rosa Menocal--a professor at Yale--Cordoba was unique for the mutual tolerance, respect, and appreciation that the religious groups showed for each other.

A few matters of class business as well...

  • The rest of the world and I really want to hear your opinions on President Obama's education proposals.  You had great ideas when we discussed these issues in class today.  Write a nice paragraph and tell your classmates about it.  If your ideas are thoughtful, let's get a letter together, send it to the president and see what he says!

  • 804 began to discuss the issue of sweatshops today.  We'll need to come back to this in the future.  However, you asked about specific companies--Rosanna mentioned Aeropostale and Jose mentioned Nike--and their use of sweatshop labor.  Do the research and tell us what you learn.

  • There is a website connected to America: The Story of Us, which we've been watching in class.  There are video clips and--I really like this--the "Ultimate History Quiz."  Play it and tell me what score you get.

  • Your next test is Friday.  Test Information Paper coming tomorrow...

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  1. That mosque looks creepy... but if thats the way of their religion i won't mind. But im worried about is when this project is done will americans try to demolish it for vengence? I think it might happen but if it does is their a way to stop it? i wanted to ask these questions in class but their wasn't time sooooooo i decided not to.