Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who's visiting the blog?

In addition to over 1,500 hits from the USA in the past 30 days, we've had 36 visits from people in Canada, 30 visits from Moldova, and visits from Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Sweden as well.  The word is getting out, guys.  People from across the world are reading your words.

Most importantly, however, my mom is still reading, and she's a little disappointed.  After I posted on Monday, she e-mailed me to say:
What’s up with the lack of comment activity on the blog?  I want to hear some opinions. 
I got 9 out of 10 questions correct on the US history test.  Aristotle is a kind of incendiary material?  Who knew?  I was looking for napalm as an answer.
Get some election stuff up there pretty soon, Prof!  What do the kids think of the tea party movement? 
From Moldovans to my mom, people want to hear from you.  Let's keep the comments coming!


  1. Hi there Mr.Toomajian cause I dont want Mrs.Tommajian dissapointed. But where is Moldova, Singapore located at? What is the test based on everything we learned? Do we still need to email Captain Kennedy? And want are we going to learn next week? Hope you have a great trip in Georgia. :)

  2. Yes i agree with jaileen.Where is Moldova?I think it is on Africa or Europe but i really dont know where it is.I want to know so i can say the answer so if people ask me.Have a great trip at Georgia and tell Captain Kennedy I said hi and thanks for the support of our countries

    Adrian Pena

  3. hello Mr.toomajian sorry for the lack of commenting i didnt knew this was being viewed by people around the world. um who is gong to subtistute for the quiz.Also when do you plan to five them back.

  4. Hi guys. Lots of questions. Here goes:

    Jaileen and Adrian, notice that Moldova is on the map at the top of this blog post. It's a small country in Eastern Europe, near Ukraine and Romania, shown in the box on the map.

    Singapore is a small country that is entirely composed of one city on one island in Southeast Asia.

    I should also mention that you could have looked up the answers to those questions on the Internet. You would have known where Moldova was in 10 seconds!

    Jaileen, I gave you a TIP (p. 13) on Tuesday and a study sheet (p. 17) today. The quiz will cover the material from those pages.

    Captain Kennedy will ALWAYS be happy to receive your e-mails. At this point, I still have only one in my inbox. The blog comments are nice, but they just aren't the same.

    Jaileen, I'll do a preview of next week's content in a post on Sunday or Monday. But I will tell you that (conveniently) the seventh grade will be studying Columbus on October 12, the day when he landed in the Americas in 1492.

    Alejandro, I guess I don't know the answer to either of your questions. I usually don't decide who substitutes for me when I'm absent. I'm not sure when I'll be handing the tests back. I'm going to try to get your persuasive letters graded this weekend while I'm on the plane to Georgia.

  5. Mr.Toomajian I apologize for the lack of commenting and letting Mrs.Toomajian down I will try and succed at commenting more. I took the test today and our substitute was Pamela answering Alejandro's question even though he figured it out. And so the homework we got will be discussed in class? Will we have a unit to study on Christopher Columbus or just Tuesday? And I'm not sure if I can talk about my opinion on the test so I'll just wait to get your approval or dissaproval on wether I can or can't I hope yuh have fun in Georgia n I will see if I can make time for writing a letter for captain Kennedy because we got alot of homework and my computer isn't working properly and you may wonder where I'm sending this to you from which is through my itouch so I think jeshlyn should be able to figure out how to comment on the website soon enough. -Helmsley Hurtado