Monday, September 13, 2010

Empire State of Mind

Yes, I'm home planning for your class right now, but--let's be honest--I'd much rather be at Yankee Stadium watching the concert that Jay-Z and Eminem are performing tonight.

Let me be clear, first of all, that both of these rappers have done things that I think we'd all agree are bad. I think we'd all agree that they both have written lyrics that send bad messages and use inappropriate language. However, I think they both deserve some credit for their talent with words, music, and business. They've written some lyrics that show a strong understanding of U.S. history, and they've written other lyrics that just make you think.

So, since your homework tonight is based on quotations, here are a couple of quotations from Jay-Z's latest album:

"I move onward, the only direction
Can't be scared to fail, searchin' perfection"

"Don't be mad 'cause it's all about progression
Loiterers should be arrested"

What do you think these lyrics mean? Do you think they send a good message? Do you agree with them? Are they inspiring? Why? Do you disagree with any part of these lyrics? Why?

See you tomorrow.


  1. These quotes from Jay-Z's new album are very inspiring.He's trying to say that just because something isn't perfect, it doesn't mean that you should give up. You should keep going and looked at the one direction that you chose to go to. It shouldn't be a bad one, but one that YOU think is right. I think what he really means is that go for what you believe is right. Not what other people think, because it's your decision and others' decision to follow you.

    Nyah L.
    Class 703

  2. I forgot to add that Eminem also has a good song that I like to. Although it has some bad language in it, I don't pay attention to that. (I know, I write a lot c;) I was thinking about this song while reading this post. My favorite part of the song is:

    I just can't keep living this way, so starting today Im breaking out of this cage. Im standing up, Imma face my demon. Im manning up, Imma hold my ground. I've so fed up and I've had enough tryin ta put my life back together...I promise from now on to focus only on my responsibilities as a father and take this roof and raise it just like my daughters.

    This means a lot to me because there are people in the world who are trying to be their best. They are trying really hard for their children. Even my parents are doing their best to help me and my sister grow up living a good life and I appreciate them for doing that! It takes a lot for a person to follow what's right even if they are tempted to do something wrong. The chorus to this song (Not Afraid) is my favorite part too. I also like the song by Jay-Sean called 2012. I listen to a lot of music and listen to the most optimistic. I love things that look toward to a brighter future. But to tell the truth, I wanted to go be at the Yankee Stadium to watch Eminem and Jay-Z (I like Eminem more though) more than I wanted to watch the VMA's...C: I write to much, so Im going to give you a break Mr.Toomajian and post this comment. Hehe...

    "Keep rocking, and keep knocking. Wither you be lubing or rebocking. You how they be deserving hate on the platter, so what's it gonna be, desert of disaster? Some times love comes around. And it knocks you down, just get back up when it knocks you down, knocks you down."

    c: Nyah Looc 703 Class :3
    P.S. I write books so it's no surprise I like to write a lot. Sorry it I bore you! And I like emote faces so you'll see that a lot in my post. It's a writing thing I do in forums. I hope we have a great year together this year. And maybe the next! XD

  3. I forgot to say that I also like the song not Afraid by Eminem. I know it has some crude language in it, but I enjoy the message he has in it. That he's not afraid to take a stand for himself. To make himself a better person. The music video is kind of violent, but the song is awesome! It's my song for this month along with 2012 by Jay-Sean. I always listen to optimistic music so that's my hobby, as well as writing which is why I posted in like five of your blog posts. c: I hope that this was enough and easy to understand.

    c: Nyah L. 703 :3

    P.S- I know I put lots of emote faces. It's become a habit when I write in a fantasy forum I write with my friends. So you might be seeing a lot of them! XD See?!?! O.0

  4. i agree with Nyah he isn't perfect, it doesn't mean that you should give up and they both are strong people that have voice with power so thats what modivate them to keep on doing what they do