Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"One day, this nation will rise up..."

Note: I'll try to publish a post about the primary election today, but it won't be until much later tonight, and I might not get to it until tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed watching Dr. King's speech today. I watched it five times today and I got goosebumps every time. He's an amazing speaker who accomplished great things--a great communicator who chose the right message, the right methods, and the right character.

Here is a link to the text, the audio, and a video clip of his speech.

Here is a link to the Youtube of his full speech. It's about 17 minutes long.

Your homework deals with the message of his speech. What about his methods? Why is his speech so powerful? Why did he choose to speak at the Lincoln Memorial? What else is important about the setting? Why does he speak with a sing-song, wavering voice at times? What books and documents does he quote from? Why do you think he quotes from these books and documents?

For tomorrow: Please make sure you have a pen for class tomorrow. You will be taking a short diagnostic test. You don't need to study for this test. You won't be graded based on how much you know. I just want to be aware of what the class already knows, so that I don't reteach things that you already know or start talking about things that don't yet make sense to you. Of course, you should also have your binder with all of your notes in class every day.

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  1. You kind of explained most of your questions to us, but I think that he decided to have his speech at Lincoln Memorial because Lincoln -The president- banned slavery in the United States. His speech is one of the most memorable because it changed the way people though about segregation and racism towards the African Americans. I myself am a quarter African American, and if not for this speech, I would have never met my friends. Nor would I be in Hawaii or New York living the way I am now. And for this I appreciate Martin Luther King jr. His speech cost him, his own life. But he must be happy where ever he for what life is like now. Even if there are still people who don't believe in the nation being as one, I think most of us agree that this is better that what Dr. King jr. had to got through, especially as a young child. D: