Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Sunday

Yesterday, I went to my friends' wedding at Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims in Brooklyn.  The groom, Daniel, may actually be a bigger history nerd than I am, so he chose this church largely for its history.  I wonder if the pastor realized that he was standing at the same podium from which Martin Luther King preached in 1963.  Or that Abraham Lincoln attended this church just days before he announced that he was running for president in 1860.  Or that, beneath his feet, slaves were hidden as part of the Underground Railroad in the 1850s.  Or that...I've got to stop.  History overload.  That said, beautiful wedding.

Hope you've gotten some rest this weekend.  We'll all be seeing each other again tomorrow.  Can't wait!

Some things to consider as you do your homework today:
  • You've only got those three thematic questions as required homework.  We will use them tomorrow in class, so everyone had better have them.
  • Everyone is strongly encouraged to send me a rough draft of your persuasive letter.  More advice on your persuasive letter is on the blog here.
  • If you're in 803 and you didn't take the test yet, your test will be Tuesday.  You should be using your study materials, including page 6 of your binder and what's on the blog here.
  • My best friend from first grade, Captain Jeffrey Kennedy, is now in the process of returning from Iraq.  He has planned and led missions, survived explosions, lost his friends, and received praise for his work from the top general in Iraq, David Petraeus.  In at least two good, well-written, grammatically-correct paragraphs, you may e-mail me a letter that you want him to receive.  You can thank him for his service, ask him questions, and tell him anything else that you think is important.  If your writing is good enough, I will forward your e-mail to Captain Kennedy and you'll get extra credit on a test.
  • There are still great opportunities for discussion on the blog today.  We haven't said all there is to say about the proposed mosque near Ground Zero.  And I really want to know what you think of Mark Zuckerberg's donation to the Newark public schools.

Sorry if I don't return your e-mails promptly this evening.  I'm going to be at Yankee Stadium!!!


  1. Mr.toomajian your friend has the best job ever!Serving the nation,thats so cool.I hope i can do that one day.Well for now Im in your class learning the best stuff i have ever learned in my social studies class thanks to Mr.Toomajian!!!!!!!:D

  2. mr.toomajian your so lucky to have such a cool especially because he is serving the nation.thank you Captain Jeffrey Kennedy for serving the nationit would be really nice if you stoped by our school.
    thanks Captain Jeffrey Kennedy


  3. Thanks for your comments, Alleyan and Jeshlyn! I'm absolutely honored to have a friend as cool and as brave as Captain Kennedy. Do you think you could write him an e-mail of two good paragraphs that told him what you think of him--and that asked him questions too? I'd love to send him more e-mails from all of you.

  4. Well Mr.Toomajian I think you have a cool friend that is doing something good for us. And we are luck to know that he is your friend. Thank you Jeffrey Kennedy for doing what yo are doing which is serving the nation- Jaileen ;)

  5. i wanted to know if Jeff Kinney is offended by the Military games such as Call of Duty. i want to know because teens are not understanding that Call of Duty is not only in video games it in real life. in the game people are happy when they kills and some people in the war are full of guilt and regret when killing. another question is which one does he think is better? The Army, USMC (United States Marine Corps), Navy Seals, or the United States Army Rangers? What gun does he use? I'am asking because i hear The Army uses The M16 Carbine, and a 9mm pistol. What lead Captain Kennedy to make the decision to join The Army? Also what does it take to become a Ghille Sniper? Snipers are like ninjas to The Army they are personally my favorites (sorry Captain Kennedy) its that the Cheytec M200, the Barret 50 cal; and the M107. i love the way they protect the men on battle field and they can get away with a suppressed gun shot to the head. Sorry for all of the questions its that i am curious of the war. Hope you can Visit our school!
    -Danny Garcia

  6. Danny, what a great set of questions! Please polish up your grammar and turn this into an e-mail written to Captain Kennedy. E-mail it to me, and if you've got two well-written paragraphs, I'll send it to him.