Saturday, September 25, 2010

Facebook CEO Gives $100 Million to Newark Schools

Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday?  If you did, you saw Mark Zuckerberg--the Facebook founder and CEO--announce that he was giving $100 million to the Newark, New Jersey, schools.  If you didn't, here's a clip from yesterday's show.  Here is the Wall Street Journal's article about Mark Zuckerberg's announcement.

On Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a blog post to explain that he has formed a foundation to give money to public schools.  His foundation is called Startup: Education and he's created a Facebook page to promote it.  Here is where he gets the most specific about his goals:
Mayor Booker has committed to make education his single highest priority for his current term in office. He will provide the same oversight over education in the next four years that he has in his efforts to reduce crime in Newark during his first term. The Mayor will work with the citizens of Newark to establish new community metrics to measure the performance of students, teachers and principals. His goal is to build a community that delivers greater recognition and rewards for excellence.

I believe in the Mayor and his vision, and that's why I want to help them succeed. Using my own Facebook stock, I'm creating the Startup: Education foundation with over $100 million to invest in educating and improving the lives of young people. I'm also challenging others who want to improve education in America to match my contributions.
What do you think of this situation?  Do you think Zuckerberg has good ideas for improving public schools?  Are you glad that he's giving his money away?  What do you think are the big problems with public schools today?  What do you think we--students, teachers, principals, parents, politicians, Americans--can do to improve public schools?

My friends have asked me about my opinions on what Mark Zuckerberg has done.  I told them that I'm going to find out what my students think first.  So please post and let me know.

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  1. Mark zuckerburgs should donate the money to public schools because in some public schools in new jersey i heard they dont have music classes which is also a huge priorty in new york too.I dont know where they get the idea to stop giving music classes because music is also a little related to art too.In addition,of course not every school is perfect with supplies thats why they ask you to get some of their own. I think what we can do for us teacher/student/principal can do to inprove a learning enviorment for public schools is to get parents involve with the students work and grades. if they see the problem their child is having they can speak to the teachers/principal.Therefore, i think mark zucherburgs is doing a good thing to schools just like bill gates and everyone else who donates to schools.