Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Sunday

Hi all, hope you've enjoyed your weekend away. I was in Philadelphia, making sure everyone knew that the best team in baseball is from the Bronx. So sorry, Jorge C.

Here are a few things to help you get ready for the coming week.

Questions About Homework

Yelissa sent me some good questions about this weekend's homework assignment. She wanted to know what sources of information she should use to answer each of the questions on page 4. Here's my answer, which you might also find helpful:

Here is what each question is based on:
What new information did you learn from the reading? <--This is based on your reading of the speech.
What new information did you learn from the other people in the discussion? <--This is based on our discussion in class of the historical context.
How did the text make you think about the topic in a new way? <--This is based on your reading of the speech.
What are some questions that you still have about the text and/or the topic? <--This is (as it says) about the text or the topic.

You'll notice that only the second question requires you to recall things from our discussion. We talked about A LOT Friday in class, so you'll probably remember something if you think back. But if you don't, call a friend to help refresh your memory.

Preview of the Upcoming Week
Everything here is tentative and subject to change!
  • Monday: new seating chart, binder organization, explanation of upcoming test (Friday), discussion of Bloomberg's speech for the purpose of better understanding his opinion
  • Tuesday: full-class discussion of your personal opinions about the speech and the mosque near Ground Zero
  • Wednesday: introduction of a writing assignment based on this topic (final copy will be due next week)
  • Thursday: in-class study groups for Friday's test
  • Friday: test based on all material we've covered thus far (relax, I'll give you plenty of specifics in the next few days)

Blog Comments for Extra Credit

Please remember that you can still earn 5 extra credit points for the test by writing a five-sentence, clear, grammatically-correct paragraph in response to questions on the blog. Please remember:
  • This is an academic website. Your comments should be appropriate and grammatically correct. Check spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc. before posting.
  • This is a public website. To protect your own privacy, please use only your first name and last initial when posting.
  • My e-mail address is You may e-mail me if you have any questions about homework or anything else. If you're having trouble logging in and posting, you may write your comment and e-mail it to me, and you'll get credit for it.
Can't wait for tomorrow's discussions!


  1. I want to do a connection to what you was enjoying on saturday. So on friday night I was in the hosiptal and I was watching the game from the hosiptal, but I cant believe that Alex Rodriguez did what he did. In the hosiptal everybody was screaming 'Yeah' and it was kind out of control. It was like if they were winning the series. And I always wanted to know how do they learn to throw themselves like they do. I think that all the players that had left The Yankees to another team had made a mistake cause they are good players. I really think that it was very sad when George Steinbenner to die like how he did. In Conclusion, I personally think that the Yankee's are better than the Mets or Phillies I like your picture.- Jaileen D.

  2. That's right, Jaileen--the Yankees are the best team in baseball! And you're right, A-Rod hit a huge shot on Friday. Don't ask me how they learn to throw: I'm just a track coach who watches baseball on TV. Some of your classmates would know better than I would. It's sad when anyone dies, but Steinbrenner lived a long life, and I think his family is happy to remember the good times they had with him.

    Most importantly: what put you in the hospital? Are you okay?