Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stormy Thursday

Is this not the most amazing photo of New York City that you've ever seen? The storm was brewing. Here's the New York Times' coverage of this evening's wild storm in Brooklyn and Queens.

Guys, I can't wait to read that speech with you tomorrow. I'm not going to make another post tonight, but this weekend, I'll post some more background information about al-Qaeda, 9/11, and the proposed mosque. I'm also looking forward to talking to the guy when I get my coffee tomorrow and to tell him how much you all shared and learned today. Great discussion.

Oops, sorry, guys, I just found out that that the picture is photo-shopped. So it's a fake. But it still looks great so it's staying up. I'm also going to post this video of a cat. It's really funny. But, listen, if you click on this link while you're doing homework, don't you dare start watching a zillion YouTube clips about Charlie biting fingers and David going to the dentist. You've got work to do. Enjoy your one minute break and then get back to the task at hand. Time management is key!

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