Saturday, September 25, 2010

Persuasive Letter: Rough Draft Due Monday

Good morning, everybody.  Hope you've got exciting plans for the weekend.  I also hope that one of those exciting plans is to write the rough draft of your persuasive letter.  Remember the basics: you can choose to write to one of three people--Mayor Bloomberg, the imam of the mosque near Ground Zero, or the editor of a newspaper (so your opinions might be published in the paper).  Your goal is to persuade others that your opinion about the mosque near Ground Zero is best.  Remember that more specific requirements for the letter are found on page 9 of your binder.

I've given you a model persuasive letter.  Some classes did not receive my annotated version of the letter, so I'm posting it here. Notice that I wrote the letter three years ago (to persuade Senator Schumer to improve teacher effectiveness).  Around the margins, I've written down and pointed out how I fulfilled each of the requirements of your assignment.  (Remember, the requirements are found on page 9 of your binder).

You can always e-mail me ( with questions; I would be very happy to receive your rough draft via e-mail this weekend.

Speaking of exciting plans, guess who's going to the Yankees-Sox game on Sunday night!

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